The First Day of the Battlefield 3 Beta

The first day of the Battlefield 3 early beta has come to an end. Quite a few things happened over the course of the past 24 hours. There were multiple time mix-ups leading many to believe that the beta would go live for the PS3 at 2am amongst other pieces of confusion. Overall the beta release went well, in the US most Battlefield 3 beta keys had been distributed by early afternoon. There were a lot of community and official releases leading into the past 24 hours, so here’s a quick recap:
Gamespot releases beta keys
Launch time to be around 9am EST
New drivers for PC players (improves performance)
And a few updates about beta keys…
Systems throughout the day was pretty stable. The Battlelog website had problems towards the beginning of the day, but has since been stable. The Xbox 360 network encountered a few connection issues (no connection to the EA server) but was quickly resolved. A lot of issues with PSN have been sorted, but users are still stating that beta keys aren’t working or that the network is intermittent. Beta troubles are very common (Battlefield 3 is no exception), a beta without problems is a very rare occurrence.
Who knows what day two will have in store for us, but Daniel hinted at something that would at least make PC players very happy. No guesses or ideas can be made at this time about the Battlefield 3 beta surprise.

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