Red Orchestra 2 Hack Cheat and Aimbot

Red Orchestra 2 Hack Cheat Aimbot

“For all those of you who bought the standard version of RO2 on Steam, who have since decided that you want to play the Beta NOW (not to mention get the other goodies we threw in to the Deluxe version) – Valve have now added an upgrade path for you. No more need to refund and re-buy. Just head over to the Steam store page ( and add the “Digital Deluxe Upgrade” to your cart. Then you can join in the Beta as fast as you can download it.

For those of you who bought from other digital outlets, go and get them to do the same!”

AimJunkies is currently offering a hack for those that have BETA access to the game and WILL be releasing a hack when the full version of the game is released!

Check it out now!

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