FIRST Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Hack Cheat Aimbot Released!

The very first Modern Warfare 3 MW3 hack cheat and aimbot has been released by AimJunkies! This hack cheat aimbot is fully featured.

Full list of hack features:


Auto Aim
Auto Fire
Aim only when zoomed
Push and hold [ cfg. key ]
Smooth Aim [ cfg. speed ]
Limit Aim Angle [ cfg. angle ]
Aim way [ cfg. angle / distance / fast ]
Aim Through Walls
Auto Fire
Auto Zoom
Knife Bot [ cfg. distance ]
Silent Aim – Shoot people even if you aren’t looking at them!
Velocity and Ping Corrections (For ultra accurate aim)
Choose 6 bones to aim at


Name ESP
Weapon ESP
Weapon Icons
2D Radar [cfg. size and scale]
Player WallHack
Explosive ESP
Enemy Warning
Draw only Enemies
Visible Colors
Configurable Colors


Save Settings
No Recoil
Fast Fire
No Spread (All bullets hit exactly where you aim, even without aiming down sights)


– VAC3 Undetected
– Secure Hack Streaming System

The Modern Warfare 3 MW3 hack cheat aimbot is available at AimJunkies now! Purchase now and get instant access to Modern Warfare 3 ownage!

Get the Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Hack Cheat Aimbot now!

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