Dayz Cheat

That’s right! Everybody from Aimjunkies is glad to present a brand new ARMA 2 / Dayz full VIP cheat!

General Information:

The game (ARMA 2) runs on the Real Virtuality Engine version 3. Our hack will support Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


  • Max Blood – Replenish any blood lost
  • Remove Pain – You no longer need painkillers
  • Remove Infection – No need for anti-biotics
  • Remove Hunger – No need for food
  • Remove Thirst – No need for drinks
  • Temperature – Stabilize your Temp.
  • Remove Arm/Leg Fractures – Removes broken bones
  • No unconsciousness – Become Awake Again
2D Map:
  • Adds Markers and Names for players on your In-Game Map
Give/Spawn Object:
  • Spawn Vehicles – Spawn Vehicles (Tanks/Humvee’s) right next to you!
  • Spawn Building – Buildings magically appear next to you
  • Spawn Landscape – Magic Hills!
  • Spawn A.I. – Spawn Soldiers for your army
  • Spawn Animals – Deer! Rabits! Birds!
Give Skin:
  • Give Skins (like Camo or Ghillie Suit)
  • Ammo – Get 5 Clips to your equipped weapon
  • Weapons – Spawn hundreds of weapons!
  • Auto-Reload – Auto-Reload your Weapons
  • Health Items – Spawn items like Morphine, heat packs, blood bags, etc..)
  • Bob the Builders Tool Set – Give yourself tons of tools (Map, GPS, Compass, Radio, Watch , Knife, Toolbox, NV Goggles and tons more!
  • Enable and click anywhere (ANYWHERE) on the map, and you get automatically transported there instantly!
  • Fully BattlEye Secure!
  • Script Detection Bypass
  • Secure Anti-Leak Streaming Program
Cheats Included:
If you buy this cheat, you automatically get the following cheats from us! 100% free of charge!
  • Unreal Tournament 3
  • Frontlines: Fuel of War
  • Section 8: Prejudice
Here are some In-Game Screenshots of the menu with the hack enabled!
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