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DICE’s Hints At A ‘Treat’ And More Fixes to BF3 Cheats

February is expected to be a big month in terms of fixes and updates for BF3 Cheats . Daniel Matros, DICE’s main Community Manager posted on Twitter yesterday that there have been developments in the office concerning Battlefield 3 hacks . Matros states that new things are in the works and that us fans, will be in for a treat. Time frame: sometime later, so no real expected date. We’ll keep you covered if there are any new developments in terms of this treat for BF3 Hacks .

Also announced are more fixes, recently more and more users are getting a “Disconnected From Punkbuster” error. This current issue is being investigated, so don’t expect your
Battlefield 3 hacks (PC) matches to be interrupted all that much longer.

also you can look to for your Global Agenda hacks and Global Agenda cheats .