Battlefield Play4Free German Edition

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Battlefield Vehicle Combat

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Here’s some great news for all German Gamers!

You can now play (and read!) EA’s Battlefield Play4Free with the click of a button! Just click on “Switch Language” and you can play on your native language! Extremely easy!

canada goose On The Battlefield

This fast-paced First-Person-Shooter online game from EA is just as big a hit as all of their other Battlefield releases! The game brings you exciting battles on huge maps to play with up to 32 people, countless weapons, and up to 16 different vehicles to utilize!


The game also brings you a skill-based section, where you can earn points to make your character all the more deadly on the battlefield! You can spend your hard-earned points on things like being able to take more damage, delivering more damage, carrying more ammo, pilot training, and much, much more!

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