Battlefield 3 Machine Guns

Battlefield 3 will feature many of the popular machine guns used in previous Battlefield games.

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The M249 light machine gun, also called the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon), has been the main light machine gun of the US Army since its introduction in 1984. It’s still the main light machine gun in the US army and will return in Battlefield 3.

PKM was introduced in the 1960s and has been widely used around the world, and is still in service in the Russian army, among others. The PKM is widely expected to be the standard LMG of the Russian and/or Middle East forces in Battlefield 3.
Type 88 LMG

The Type 88 LMG, also known as the QJY 88, is a Chinese made general purpose machine gun introduced in 1988 and in use today. The Type 88 LMG has been in several Battlefield games, and is set to reappear in Battlefield 3.

The MG36 light machine gun is based on the popular and reliable G36 assault rifle, but it uses a heavy barrel for increased heat resistance and accuracy. It was featured in Bad Company 1 and 2 and is expected to return in Battlefield 3 as an unlock.
PKP Pecheneg

The PKP Pecheneg is a relatively new Russian light machine gun, and is a modernized version of the popular PKM machine gun. The Pecheneg uses many of the same components, including the same type of ammunition, but uses a new barrel that improves accuracy over the PKM. The Pecheneg was confirmed or Battlefield 3 in a gameplay trailer.

The M240 is a Belgian designed light machine gun that has been used in the United States armed forces from the 1980s. The M240 is not only used as an LMG for infantry, but is used extensively as a mounted LMG on helicopters, cars, boats, and other vehicles as well. The M240 is used widely among US forces, including the Army, the Marines, Coast Guard, and Navy. The M240 will make its first appearance in Battlefield 3.

The RPK 74 is a modernized version of the famous Russian RPK light machine gun, and is used to this day in many countries around the world. The RPK 74 was first featured in Battlefield 2, and will return in Battlefield 3 as the starter LMG for the Russian forces.

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