Battlefield 3 Hack Cheat Released

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Other Battlefield 3 News:

Here’s a current update on the upcoming patch and things that Dice is looking into.

Now that a patch has been confirmed for Battlefield 3, we’re getting more information on which weapons and vehicles will be affected and what issues will be ironed out.

Alan Kerts, Battlefield 3‘s Gameplay Designer, reveals that “pistols will be getting a bit of love in the near future.” A slight improvement in the damage department for pistols is certainly welcome. After nerfing the UMP since the beta, Kerts admitted ”it [UMP] got the nerf bat pretty hard. Gave it back some power today. I’ll be playing to monitor balance.” The UMP is unlocked at level 16 and can be used on all kits.

Some fans have been outspoken about the effectivity of the jets asking for improvement. One fan expressed his concerns to Fredrik Thylander demanding “they [jets] need a buff.” Thylander, Senior Designer at DICE, confirmed “they [jets] are getting it [the buff].”


DICE is looking into the following issues, besides the usual server problems:

* PS3 users communication problems.
* BF3.exe has stopped responding on PC.
* Teaming up with friends and getting into the same side.
* PS3 input lag.
* Other various issues.
* Perk buffs/fixes
* Vehicle and Weapon issues

As of right now the official patch date is not said but should be released in the near future.

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