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Mombot 2013 Special Offer

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Aimjunkies Triple Source Pack

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To celebrate July, Aimjunkies is offering one of a kind specials! One of these specials, is our Source pack! For just 10.95$, you receive our 3 Source Hacks from our coder Optix! That’s less then 4$ per cheat! This special saves you over 20$ USD!

canada goose canada goose The Games

These are the games we are offering:

  • Aimbot – Our aimbots include many features of its own, like Silent Aim, Smooth Aim, Auto Fire, Angles, Aim Points, Aim Keys, Prediction, Visibility, Sticking to Target, and much more!
  • No Recoil – Your gun will never kick again!
  • No Spread – Your bullets will go in a straight line
  • ESP – We offer tons of ESP features such as 2D Radar, 3D Boxes, Names, Distances, Health Bars, Lines and more!
  • Warning System – Our warning system warns you when enemies are looking in your direction, are close to you and if they are aiming at you.
  • Custom Menu – Our menu’s are custom made to be as user-friendly as possible! They allow to set hotkeys, Save/Load pre-made features so you can get right into the game, and be able to move the menu itself around!
  • Misc – We offer other miscellaneous features such as Crosshair, FPS, Time, Watermarks and Resolution!
  • Anti-Cheat Secure – Each of our cheats are made to be as undetectable as possible! No cheat is undetectable, but our coders work tirelessly to make sure that Anti-Cheat’s such as Punkbuster, VAC and GameGuard do not detect you! And if they do, our coders are right on it to put they cheat back up and undetected again!

We have many videos of our cheats in action! Just check them out at some of our YouTube pages, such as  La Mesa Smoke Shop Jah Kush weed testtest testtest testtest.

canada goose Screenshots

These screen-shots are taken directly in-game with our hack fully enabled!

Aimjunkies Free2Play Special

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To celebrate July and the coming months, Aimjunkies is having a  Special, where we will offer you all of our cheats for free games for an extremely discounted price! For just 15.95$, you will receive every Free2Play cheat we offer! That’s over 60$ USD you are saving!

Games We Offer

Like previously stated, we offer every Free-2-Play cheat that we support. Here is the full list of the Free2Play games we currently have available:

  •  (Aka. Hat Fortress 2)

canada goose celine handbags That’s 9 Fully-Loaded VIP cheats! You will not find a better deal for exclusive, undetected cheats anywhere else on the Web!

canada goose Features

canada goose Each hack is top-of-the-line, with no features left out! You will get the best that we offer, and that is saying a lot. Each hack will be coded with different features according to the game-play of the game, but here are some common features that we offer:

  • Aimbot – Our Aimbots include features such as Silent Aim, Auto-Fire, Aim Angle, Aim Points or Bone Scan, Aim Key, Prediction, Visibility Checks, Stick to Target, and tons more!
  • No Recoil – Your Gun will never kick up or move around!
  • No Spread – Your bullets will always go in a straight line to wherever you are pointing!
  • ESP – We offer tons of features for ESP such as 3D Boxes, Names, Distance, Weapons, Lines, Healthbars and tons more!
  • We also offer 2D ESP such as a Radar with Dots to locate Enemies, Friendlies, and Vehicles!
  • Warning System – Our State-Of-The-Art Warning System will warn you when enemies can see you, if they are aiming at you, what angle they are aiming at you, and a max distance.
  • Custom Menu – Our Menus are personally made by our coders and allow you to set Hotkeys, Move your Radar and Menu, and Save/Load configurations so you can start raging right as you get in-game!
  • Other Features – We offer other miscellaneous features such as Crosshair (Multiple types to choose from), Crosshair Size, FPS, Time, Panic Keys, Watermarks, Resolution and many more!
  • Anti-Cheat Secure – No cheat is fully undetectable, but ours have an extremely low detection rate, allowing you to use as much as you desire without having the nasty effects from Anti-Cheat’s such as Punkbuster, VAC and GameGuard.
  • canada goose Showcase

    We have many videos of our cheats in action! Just check them out at some of our YouTube pages, such as testtest.


    These are taken directly in-game whilst using our hacks!

    Battlefield Play4Free German Edition

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    Battlefield Vehicle Combat

    canada goose canada goose Deutsch!

    Here’s some great news for all German Gamers!

    You can now play (and read!) EA’s Battlefield Play4Free with the click of a button! Just click on “Switch Language” and you can play on your native language! Extremely easy!

    canada goose On The Battlefield

    This fast-paced First-Person-Shooter online game from EA is just as big a hit as all of their other Battlefield releases! The game brings you exciting battles on huge maps to play with up to 32 people, countless weapons, and up to 16 different vehicles to utilize!


    The game also brings you a skill-based section, where you can earn points to make your character all the more deadly on the battlefield! You can spend your hard-earned points on things like being able to take more damage, delivering more damage, carrying more ammo, pilot training, and much, much more!

    celine bags Aimjunkies
    Battlefield Hack

    Is the game to hard? Head over to Aimjunkies for a huge advantage on the Battlefield! We offer you countless features on the cheat, such as Aimbot, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), Radar, Vehicle Speed Hack, and tons more features! Our Battlefield Play4Free Hack and Cheat is top of the line, and you won’t find any better! All of our cheats are also 100% Punkbuster Undetected! For just 10.95$ USD a month, you can use this hack to rank up as much as you want! If you buy this hack, you also receive out Battlefield Heroes cheat, free of charge!


    canada goose celine bags Are Free2Play games your thing? Try out our Free2Pwn special for just 15.95$ USD a month, and you receive every hack we support for Free Games. Thats just 1.77$ USD a month for each game! (Games include All Points Bulletin: Reloaded, Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield Heroes, Americas Army 3, Alliance of Valiant Arms, Blacklight Retribution, Team Fortress “Hat Fortress” 2, Global Agenda and Super Monday Night Combat)


    Are you a hard-core FPS fan? Do you play all of the big releases from companies like EA and Activision? Try out our Recreational User Package! For a limited time only, you can receive all of our Top-Selling Hacks for just 20.95$ USD a month! Hacks include our Top Selling hacks for Battlefield 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty Black Ops, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam! That’s only 3.50$ USD a month for a single hack from our Top Seller list!

    canada goose Day Trial

    If you just want to test out the cheat, we have a special package that you can test out ALL of our supported cheats for just 1.45$ USD a day!

    Hurry and grab these while you can, these amazing deals are only available for a short while!

    Fans uncover Mass Effect 3 single-player DLC plans

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      So far, the vast majority of Mass Effect 3 downloadable content has been for the multiplayer. But in a primarily single-player game, it only makes sense that BioWare had plans to produce new story content too. That may have been put to the side to focus on the recently released Extended Cut ending, but now that it’s out of the way fans seem to have uncovered plans for a new story mission. Spoilers follow On this website you can find useful tips how to select a best casual dating sites and get successful online dating experience. We consider all this information that you can xhoose site with members having similar dating goals as you..

      A partial script was uncovered in the Extended Cut download, by a user on the BioWare forums (via Eurogamer). The rumored content is called “Leviathan,” and has Shepard rescuing a scientist named Ann Brynson from a mining facility. The facility is controlled by a Reaper named Leviathan, a defector from the Reaper group who killed one of its own kind. It also mentions the Reapers’ creators, a clear call-back to the ending. Shepard’s actions can save Brynson’s life, and seemingly bring Leviathan to join in the fight against the Reapers as a War Asset.

    celine handbags   The name “Leviathan” has come up as a presumably derelict ship in the first Mass Effect, and then was said to be inadvertently reactivated by batarians. You know those batarians, always reawakening sentient killer spaceships.

    canada goose    As Eurogamer points out, producer Mike Gamble hinted at more DLC to come last night with a tweet that read, “As i’ve said before,we do this for you! EC was our gift to the fans.Hope you enjoyed. Also…keep your ears open over the next little while.”

    canada goose  An EA representative told Shacknews, “We don’t comment on rumors or speculation.”

    For a limited time, you can purchase our All Points Bulletin: Reloaded cheat for just 10.95$, a month, and receive our Mass Effect 3 cheat free of charge! We have also just released new special combo-packs here at Aimjunkies! Right now, you can try out every-single hack that we offer for a day, for only 1.45$! Fully Undetected!

    canada goose canada goose celine bags canada goose First Person Shooter games? Try out our Recreational Pack! It gives you our Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 Cheats for only 20.95$ a month!

    Are Free-2-Play games your thing? Then get our Free-2-Pwn Special, which includes ALL of  our cheats for All Points Bulletin: Reloaded, Americas Army 3, Alliance of Valiant Arms, Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield Heroes, Blacklight Retribution, Hat Fortress..err..Team Fortress 2, Super Monday Night Combat and Global Agenda for just 15.95$ a month! That’s 9 cheats in one special!

    Buy now at Aimjunkies for the best saving’s, and the most cheats!

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier Released

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier is finally released around the world this week, starting with the USA today!


    Later this week the console version will be released in Europe and shortly after the PC version gets its worldwide release in retail stores and digital downloads, including Steam. Reviews have been largely positive including the following sites Eurogamer, GameInformer, IGN,, Shack News, Videogamer, Golden Games and Joystiq. More feedback in our GRFS Hack Forums. We’ll be publishing our review tomorrow so stay tuned for our hardcore Ghost Recon Hacks for Future Soldier, at

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier review: Clancy’s new direction is a pleasant surprise

    From Splinter Cell, to Rainbow Six, to Ghost Recon and even EndWar – all Clancy games share the same DNA. Yes, obviously, they’re all about shooting men in the face from various distances, and saving the planet from dastardly terrorist groups (usually based in Russia), but one thing that often gets overlooked is that they’re all world leaders in making you feel like a badass.

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