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    Come over to Aimjunkies where we have just released our brand-new, fully-functional VIP ArmA 3 Hack! We really went all out on this cheat for you V.I.P’s! Our hack runs on EVERY operating system from the classic, Windows XP, up to the brand new Windows 8 from Microsoft.
    We have the hack already pre-loaded with your favorite scripts! You can give yourself any weapon ArmA 3 has to offer, all types of skins (like ghillie suits and Infantry uniforms), Teleport scripts, God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Kill scripts, a full player list, and more!
    We even fully support any Custom Script you desire! Feel like adding a carpet bomb script? No problem. Need to spawn yourself an army of NPC’s to serve as your personal bodyguards? Sure thing. Anything and Everything the ArmA Engine has to offer, we give you, with full access to utilize (the ArmA 3 Engine) to the fullest extent!
Nothing is out of reach when you use Aimjunkies Hacks.
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Cheat Information:

Options at this time are being added. Below we have listed the wishlist the coder is working on.

Game Engine:
– Real Virtuality 3
Game Version:
– Latest Version
Click Here
– Optix

Operating systems:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP


– 1 month $10.95 USD


2D Map:
– Add markers
– Show Player Locations

– Max Blood
– Remove Pain
– Remove Infection
– Hunger Low
– Thirst Low
– Temperature Stable
– No Leg Fractures
– No Unconsciousness

Give Player Skin:
– Spawns a player skin (example: ghillie suit or camo suit)

Give Ammo:
– Adds 5 magazines of ammo to your inventory for your currently equipped weapon

Give Weapon:
– Spawn a weapon & adds 1 magazine to inventory

Give Health Item:
– Spawn Morphine
– Spawn Bandage
– Spawn Heatpack

Give Inventory:
– Spawn Map
– Spawn GPS
– Spawn Watch
– Spawn Radio
– Spawn Compass
– Spawn Hunting Knife
– Spawn Hatchet
– Spawn Toolbox
– Spawn Binocular
– Spawn Rangefinder
– Spawn Laser marker
– Spawn Nightvision goggles
– Spawn Matchbox
– Spawn Military Flashlight
– Spawn Entrenching Tool
– Spawn Tank Trap
– Spawn Sandbag
– Spawn Barbed Wire


– None (Will be updated with a bypass once BattlEye, or whichever Anti-Cheat Bohemia decides to use, is activated.)


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