Alliance of Valiant Arms TF2 Promotion

AVA is running a Team Fortress 2 promotion to unlock an item for AVA and TF2.

Alliance of Valiant Arms a free to play shooter on Steam is running a small promotion for Team Fortress 2. If you complete the AVA achievement, “1st One Down” through Steam, you’ll unlock an item for TF2 as well as an item for AVA.

If you use Aimjunkies AVA cheats the time to get this achievement is greatly reduced.

You’ll unlock the Black Rose, an item exclusively made for AVA and gotten through AVA. Also, you’ll get the Holy Mackarel… for AVA! That’s right, you heard me correctly, you’ll be able to get a TF2 fish weapon in AVA. Currently you can also gain double the amount of G Coins you would normally get if you buy them in game.

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