GameFroobs(Aim Junkies)
Limited Edition Hacks
In July 2010 Gamefroobs(Aim Junkies) opened under new ownership. After acquiring Gamefroobs(Aim Junkies), the new ownership was, and still is, dedicated to building and offering the most secure website for the FPS Cheating and Hacking community.

We provide GameFroobs(Aim Junkies) members a quality game site that provides quality service, mods, cheats, hacks, and support to a community that is tired of detection after detection and no customer service.

We have probably used every major hack available over the past 10 years and some worked and worked well along with some great features but got detected so often. We wanted to find a quality hack that worked without having features inherent for detection that was also not the target of the anti-cheat industry. We could not find one, so after a long search we decided to develop a completely new concept in hack sites, and GameFroobs was reborn.

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